Meet Holly Eileen

Creativity has always been a huge part of Holly’s life. Being a second generation hairdresser, she recalls blow-drying her mothers hair when she was a teenager. She realized how good it made her mother feel, and what a sense of fulfillment she herself experienced. Holly knew what profession was calling her name.

Education is a huge part of Holly’s career. She believes that as soon as you say you know it all, you might as well quit. The beauty industry is forever changing. Having the passion to keep up with the changes and trends and evolve from them is so important.

Besides her freelance work with hair and makeup, Holly is also a traveling Vomor Extensions educator, as well as a Hair Designer and Makeup Artist for a Chicago based salon. There, she is able to utilize her skills often. Whether she is delivering the newest & hottest haircut to her guests, creating a fresh makeup look for a bride or being on set at a photo shoot creating her vision, she is in her element. She has worked on many photo-shoots, independent films, runway shows, etc. and loves every aspect of the process. She looks forward to many more beautiful adventures that come her way!